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Welcome to Morningstar Artisan Foods!

At Morningstar Artisan Foods, we go above and beyond in offering a curated collection of bean-to-bar chocolate and other culinary delights from around the world. We are passionate reps who work closely with importers and makers, ensuring direct shipments to merchants. In fact, we are also brokers, creating distribution channels nationwide for all but two of the vendors we proudly represent.

What sets us apart is the expertise and diverse skill sets of our staff. With a wealth of experience in the food and beverage industry, our team possesses a deep understanding of both brick-and-mortar and online sales. But it doesn’t stop there – we also bring an artistic touch to our work. With a background in directing artists, our team has a keen eye for packaging and the visual aspects of merchandising. Eleni, our chief administrator, keeps everything running smoothly, ensuring orders flow seamlessly through our system and that we stay on top of vendor updates.

Allow us to introduce you to Jana, a valuable addition to our team. With 13 years of experience in specialty food markets, starting as a cheesemonger in Seattle’s DeLaurenti’s, Jana’s knowledge of our vendors is unparalleled. As one of the category buyers at Market Hall Foods, she has a practical understanding of all the vendors in our book. Her expertise has even earned her the role of judge at prestigious events like the Good Foods Awards and the California State Fair. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board.

But that’s not all – we are proud to be national reps for A Priori Specialty Foods Distribution, working with clients from Hawaii to the East Coast. Consider us your bird dogs, tirelessly seeking out the best grocers and specialty food shops in the country.

A Priori offers an extensive selection of curated goods across three trending categories: craft chocolate, conservas, and bitters. When it comes to craft chocolate, there has been an influx of newcomers in the market. However, not all can live up to the true craftsmanship. That’s where A Priori shines. Their selection of bean-to-bar chocolate from the world’s best makers is unparalleled and cannot be found through traditional channels.

In addition to their remarkable chocolate book, A Priori offers two other exciting categories. Their conservas range brings you tinned seafood delicacies from Europe and North America, reflecting the changing culinary landscape. And for those seeking bar provisions and mixology supplies, look no further. A Priori’s offerings are second to none. In these challenging times, a well-crafted cocktail is a welcome indulgence, and A Priori has the perfect selection to elevate your drinking experience.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the world of Morningstar Artisan Foods. Discover the finest bean-to-bar chocolate, explore the exquisite flavors of conservas, and ignite your passion for mixology with our exceptional bar provisions. At Morningstar Artisan Foods, we are dedicated to bringing you the very best from around the world.


We are National Reps for A Priori Specialty Foods & Distribution working with clients from Hawaii to the East Coast.  You could say we are bird dogs for some of the best grocers and specialty food shops in the country.

A Priori offers an extensive selection of curated goods in 3 trending categories...  Craft Chocolate, Conservas, Bitters & Bar Provisions.  The selection of goods A Priori offers is unique and not to be found via normal channels.  


You know so called Artisan Chocolate Makers are born everyday but it doesn’t mean that they are legitimate examples of the craft!

There has been an over supply of cacao from troubled growing regions like the Ivory Coast where the quality is poor and the social inequities associated with labor are at its worst.   The corporate monsters in the chocolate trade see what’s going on in the market place with Bean to Bar Chocolate makers  and will spare no expense to flood the market with brands that imitate the storyline just to confuse consumers.

Make no mistake about it, the single best curated source of Craft Chocolate from the worlds best makers, is A Priori Specialty Foods in Salt Lake City. There is nothing like this book anywhere in the world.

In addition A Priori offers 2 other trending categories of goods. Conservas (tinned seafood) from Europe and North America along with Bitters and Mixology supplies that offer similarly mind blowing selections as their chocolate book.  







A Priori Distribution…
Bean to Bar Chocolate

  • Over 50 Makers from 22 Countries… nothing like this book anywhere on the planet!

  • Bean to Bar Chocolate has come of age in in a variety of retail settings.  It used take a bit of time to take off on store shelves.  Today it is a different story and clients start reordering immediately.  

 A Priori Distribution… Conservas (Tinned Seafood)

  • Sales have been growing fast in this category over the last 3 years!  It started in Wine, Raw and Tapas Bars serving these delicacies.  Conservas sales have exploded in the pandemic growing 700% since March.

  • We are up to 11 makers from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Canada, the Pacific NW & Alaska… These culinary treasures  are reflective of the changes in the way people eat today.

  • Think of these just like the boom in sales of better cured meats you have experienced.  If fact many clients refer to Conservas as SeaCuterie!

 A Priori Distribution… Bitters and Bar Provisions

  • Just like Chocolate and Conservas you’d be hard pressed to find another vendor that had a better selection of supplies for the professional barman or home mixologist!  Just look around… in these crazy times we live in a good cocktail is more welcome than ever!

  • We are up to 20 makers from around the world… It can be a beautiful category set especially if you pair it with the right mix of Barware and Glassware.  It’s also a think piece.  My good friend Joe Keeper who owns the World Famous Bar Keeper just off the Sunset Strip in LA once told me we’re not teaching clients to make cocktails.  We’re introducing them to rituals for the most important hour of the day!