This site is all about Real Artisan Foods Available in Foodland and the R Fields Wine Company Stores on Oahu, Maui, The Big Island and Kauai…  Try the recipes and enjoy the food from some of the world best producers and makers.

Morningstar Artisan Foods in Hawaii

Eleni and I spent the better part of 9 years living on an small island in the Caribbean (St. Thomas in the USVI) with virtually no local farming other than the incredible native fruit trees.  The windsurfing, sailing, free diving, surfing and of course the rum were all excellent but great foods in the local grocery didn’t exist.

Hawaiians have it really good largely because of the larger land mass. the farm culture and the fact that Foodland and R Fields Wine Company stores do an outstanding job of sourcing better and more wholesome foods for its customers.  What we love about the buyers at Foodland is that they are approachable, open-minded and make a real effort to get better every year.

Bringing great artisan foods to Foodland and R. Fields in Hawaii


What are some of the foods we recommend… well let’s start with something that is really important to your health, makes just about everything it touches taste better and is practically impossible to find in groceries around the country…  Ultra-Premium Olive Oil!

An Olive Oil Importer You Can Trust…

Giuliana Direct is a sensational importer of Real Always Fresh Olive Oil form Spain, Italy & France.  The good news is our Giuliana Direct Fresh Spanish Harvest is now available in Foodland and R Field stores throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

  • There are few Ultra-Premium Olive Oils under $20 in a half liter format in even the best specialty food shops around the country. Largely because because  it is like pulling teeth to get grocers to change their store sets as your average grocers generally don’t really have an interest in serving you better foods and simply maintain the status quo.  

  • Fresh Spanish Harvest is a Partner Venture bottled on the Estate of the leading producer of Ultra-Premium olive oils in the world.  A product of integrated farming (not a lot different than organic).  It is a blend Hojiblanca 80% & Arbequina 20%.  In terms of quality and health benefits Fresh Harvest is an incredible bargain at $16 on the shelf for a 500 ml. portion.  It is on par with many olive oils from better boutique producers in the $20-$35 range.

  • By the way these are light years beyond what you find in Olive Oil specialty shops and by price per liter much more affordable.


World's Best Olive Oils Available at Foodland Stores in Hawaii

You will notice I don’t use the word Extra Virgin to describe Olive Oil for the simple reason that the term is meaningless because it is a minimum standard that begins with oils that have (0.8% acidity) and better olive oils with higher polyphenol counts (building blocks to antioxidants) start at 0.3%.  There will actually be 2 of them available in Foodland and R Field Stores in the under $20 range.

  • In R Fields Wine Company stores you’ll find Giuliana Direct’s Estate Bottled Olive Oils from Italy and Spain from legendary producers De Carlo, La Cultivada, Frantoio Romano and Oleoestepa.  Most of these will be in the $25-$30 range on the shelf and well worth the price as comparable oils are $30-50 in the continental US.

  • I recommend these to foodies with a little more disposable income.  Use them for everything but especially as finishing oils.  Pour them on everything great olive oil is a total flavor enhancer.  Just like wine it always fun to try different varietals and origins.

  • Giuliana Direct works to quickly transition its inventories to the new harvest each year usually beginning in January.   The #1 thing to look for when you are shopping for Olive Oil is a Harvest Date on the label.  In the Northern Hemisphere it is going to be Nov./Dec. 2017 for the current harvest and in January at least from Giuliana’s selection you will start to see Nov./Dec. 2018.

  • Best Buy Dates should read roughly 18 months from the harvest date.   For 2017 Harvest September 2019 is reasonable.   I would be very suspicious of any producer that claims a best buy date of 24-48 months.  The oxidation clock starts ticking the second the olives are picked.   However the ultimate plan is to support makers that work efficiently enough that you’ll never have to buy oils close to the Best Buy Date.

Better extra virgin olive oils at Foodland and R Fields stores in Hawaii
Foodland and R Fields offer Extra Virgin Olive Oils with Benefits

There are very few Ultra-Premium olive oils to be found in grocery stores anywhere in the country.  Most of that you do find are in the $30-$50 range. In Hawaii we are going to change that with our Fresh Spanish Harvest which is a really beautiful, flavor rich olive oil perfect for all round use in the kitchen and it is going to be under $16.  

  • There is a real Harvest Date (November 2017) and a real Best By Date based on when it was bottled in the year it was harvested.

  • Most important it states that the free acidity is 0.2% which tells you the oil is super high quality.

  • The polyphenol count at over 400 tells you that the oil is rich in the building blocks your body needs to make antioxidants.

Fresh Harvest is light years beyond what you normally find on the shelves anywhere in the country.  The good people at Foodland have really done their homework on this one!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain’s Top Producers in Foodland and R Fields Stores Hawaii

Olive Oil is a Flavor Enhancer…

The American Palate leans toward sweet and buttery so don’t let the bitter finish to Olive Oil put you off when tasting it on its own.  Just like adding Bitters to Spirits makes cocktails taste better Olive Oil does the same thing with foods.  When you add Olive Oil to food like a condiment or salt and pepper or cook with it something magical happens and the the food tastes better.

Ahi Recipe with Ultra Premium Olive Oil from the Spain's Estepa DOP from the world's top producer available at Foodland in Hawaii

Olive Oil is a total flavor enhancer…

Doesn’t matter whether it is Ahi Sashimi with sliced Maui onions and crunchy sea salt or a prime steak when you add real olive oil everything tastes better.  Try adding a drizzle to vanilla ice cream with a little sea salt if you really want to put it to the test.

Trust me it is not just for salad dressing!  The Italians and Spanish pour it on everything grilled meats and vegetables, an addition to sauces, stews and soups as a brightener!


Olive Oil is a Gift from the Gods…

Real Olive Oil like our Giuliana Direct Fresh Harvest has a lot of health benefits.  Not only is it rich in polyphenols when you cook or use olive oil as a condiment with the other good foods you eat it binds to the polyphenols in those foods. Then the heart healthy monounsaturated fats in olive oil act as nature’s best transport system through your body actually feeding your cells.

In other words it healthier to saute broccoli in olive oil than it is to steam broccoli.  The polyphenols in vegetables are water soluble so when you steam you simply end up pouring the most important nutrients down the drain.  It is much better to saute in olive oil.

Last of all a third of the polyphenols in Olive Oil is Oleocanthal which is natures best anti-inflammatory.  You can actually taste it as it is the bitter flavor component you experience in olive oil.  It helps us to fight off chronic diseases like cancer.

Did you know olive oil is good for your dogs and cats?

A teaspoon for every 20 lbs your dog weighs is the recommended dose in each meal.  Just like humans it is good for their skin and cut back on oxidative stress just like it does in humans!  A good dog is like family and supplementing their diet with olive oil will extend the experience.

 Click Here to visit our recipe site and learn more about the incredible olive oIls at Foodland and R Fields Stores in Hawaii
They produce more Ultra Premium Olive Oil in Estepa than anywhere in the world and you can buy it at Foodland in Hawaii for stateside prices.
La Cultivada Certified Organic Olive Oil available at R Fields in Hawaii

Look for These fine Ultra-Premium Olive Oils from Giuliana Direct in
R Fields Wine Company Stores throughout Hawaii…

Oleoestepa Egregio is a Blend of Certified Organic Olive Oil from the world's top producer in Spain and available in R Fields Wine Company Stores throughout Hawaii
Bonamini rated as the world best light fruit olive oil is a blend of Olive Oil from Northern Italy's Veneto Region and available in R Fields Wine Company Stores throughout Hawaii
Alberto Romano Ortice Reserrva from Campania Italy is quite possibly the world most awarded Olive Oil and available in R Fields Wine Company Stores throughout Hawaii
De Carlo Classico is a Organic Blend of Olive Oil from Puglia, Italy's most famous producer. In a 750 ml. bottle it is a super bargain and available in R Fields Wine Company Stores throughout Hawaii
  • Giuliana Direct brings you the best Olive Oils from Italy, Spain and France.  They happen to be incredible values as they rate equal or higher and are priced better than the very best olive oils you would normally see on the shelves of better stores around the country.

  • When you see our shelf talkers or just these incredible bottles on the shelf feel good about the fact that we have you covered.  Olive Oils from Giuliana Direct are always current harvest from the highest rated producers from Europe.

We  recommend our Fresh Harvest for allround use and our estate bottles which are all beautiful in their own way just like fine wine as special condiments for finishing your favorite dishes.

Click Here to visit our recipe site and learn more about the incredible olive oIls at Foodland and R Fields Stores in Hawaii

Click on the Image Above to Visit our Recipe Site

A little food for thought… In our recipe site there all sort of recipes and ingredients that go great with Hawaiian Seafood like Nairagi, Kajiki and Ahi.  Bomba Cherry Pepper Paste from Calabria, Italy is something I use whenever I need to add a little heat and color… We use it in our Rocky Mountain Poke and there is the great recipe from Chef Roberto Scala for Penne and Fresh Tuna.



Italian Harvest is not the most successful importer of  Regional Artisan Foods from Italy but they are one of the 2 or 3 best. 

  • The True Artisan Pastas Makers that we have in R Field’s Wine Company stores throughout the Hawaiian Islands is the best selection of its kind anywhere in the country.

  • In addition The Risotto, Sauces, Wine Vinegar, Meals in a Jar, Spices and Raw Ingredients are all sensational.  Most are certified organic and if they are not they are a product of Integrated Farming Techniques which is not a lot different than the Organic.

  • You can learn more about them on our recipe site…  Just CLICK HERE or on any of the images with Click Here links.  Her is a little more information to peak your interest.

Real Artisan Regional Foods From Italy

R. Fields has a really great selection of Artisan Foods from Italy’s best makers of Slow Foods!  There are very few grocery chains that go to this much trouble to bring their customers the unique delicacies.  Let me give you some info on what makes them so special and give you some ideas on how to use them…

Parameters for Real Artisan Foods… 

  • It all starts with better ingredients.  We look for Non GMO, Organic or at the very least Integrated or Sustainably Farmed Ingredients. We really like heirloom varietals especially when it comes to Cacao and Bean to bar Chocolate.

  • Terroir comes into play just like it does with wine.  A good example is Italy where Organic Durum Wheat from Puglia, Tomatoes grown on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, Cherry Peppers from Calabria and the incredible Capers from Salina a little island off the coast of Sicily all come to mind as having unique flavor profiles.

Click On the Image Below to Learn More About the Pasta Makers You’ll Find
at R fields Wine Company Stores in Hawaii

Real Artisan Pasta available at R Fields Wine Company on Oahu, Maui, The Big Island and Kauai
  • Traditional methods of production are also relevant.  It isn’t Artisan Pasta unless it is made from Italian Wheat, extruded slowly through bronze dies and then dried at room temps for 2–4 days. 

  • You can’t replicate this process in the USA using American wheat.  More over the big Italian pasta makers can’t replicate this process using wheat from places other than Italy (more commonly than not American wheat) and utilizing a production process that encompasses about 4 hours.

Slow Food = Artisan Foods.

Artisan Pasta by Pastificio Marella at Foodland and R Field Wine Company stores on Maui, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island.

Let’s take a look at some great foods and ingredients from Italian Harvest you will find at the R Fields Wine Company on the Big Island, Oahu, Maui and Kauai…


Essential Ingredients from Italy in R Fields Wine Company stores in Hawaii

San Nicola dei Miri comes to us from Pastificio Gentile one of Italy’s most famous Artisan Pasta Makers…  What makes these Tomatoes and Passata so special? 

  • Well for one the tomatoes are ancient varieties, certified organic, grown on the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius and governed by a DOP.

  • The unique terroir gives these tomatoes an subtle sweet flavor and rich mouthfeel when made into sauce.

  • The Piennolo Tomatoes are an heirloom variety of cherry tomatoes that when picked where traditionally hung in bunches on the porches of homes where the are sun dried for a short period of time to add additional sweetness.  They are then packed in spring water.  When making sauce we just pour the entire jar, water and all in to the skillet.  We really love these they are extremely rare and a total bargain.

  • Watch Out Easy Pasta Puttanesca Recipe animation to see how we like to use the tomatoes and technique of finishing your pasta in the sauce.

Click Image above to the product pages on our recipe site…  These traditional pasta sauces by La Reinese are about as good as it gets.  They start off with the best produce and tomatoes from Campania and the sauces are made in small batches.  You will not find anything that comes out of a jar that is better or more convenient. 

Riso Carena is an incredible producer of all sorts of rice and legumes.  Their Risotto Mixes are insanely good and easy to make. Click On the Image above to View More Info.

I Magnifici Del Mezzogiorno…  Calabria

  • Use Bomba Cherry Pepper Paste as a substitute for anything that calls for red pepper flakes or any time you need to add some heat.  I usually start with a scant tsp. in pastas sauces.  It is a sensational as a sub for Togarashi pepper in Poke and it makes a great sauce for deviled eggs.

  • The Dinamite is a tapenade with eggplant peppers and tomatoes. It is hot to be sure but tolerable.  I love it on eggs and is a great riff on a Muffuletta.

  • Try on some crusty bread smeared with a dose of Dinamite add some Mortadella, Salami and  top it with provolone and mozzarella cheese.  I like to turn mine into a Panini in a grill pan or skillet.

Click On the Image above to view our ingredient page for Italian Harvest.  Ranise is located in Liguria in Northern Italy known as the Italian Riviera.  They have received 96 Points from the Flos Olei Guide for their Olive Oil made from the Taggiasca olives which is a totally upper echelon rating.  Consequently their tapanades and sauces are of sensational quality.  Really lively flavors and we use the pitted Taggiasca olive as a Brightener in all sorts of recipes.

Anchovies by Principe di Gerace, Capers from the island of Salina and Black Truffle Sauce from Umbria are all very special ingredients from Award Winning Producers from all over the peninsula and Sicilly…  For more information and for ideas on how to use these foods Click on the Image Above and Visit out Recipe Site.

Vinagro by Acetaia Ducale Estense is wine vinegar made from Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Grapes that get a touch of viscosity and sweetness from just a little added grape must.  fantastic for all round use in the kitchen and much more versatile than Balsamic Vinegar.  Click Image Above for More Info.

On a lighter note we also happen to be knowledgeable on Bitters and Cocktail Culture.  We don’t look upon the “HOUR”  as a time to start drinking.  We feel like it is a time where we put aside all the things we have been grappling with during the day and settle into a ritual of crafting a cocktail or even a mocktail (no alcohol).  It is a fantastic social lubricant no matter which member of the family makes it for the other.

Now there are very few bitters or bar syrups available anywhere in Hawaii.  I that really surprised us… You can’t make a proper Mai Tai without Orgeat (or-zhat) and I like to add bitters to them also.  Anyways you may have to visit (Click Here or on the Image Above) in order to source them.  But that’s easy enough and we will be happy to send them to you.

Great Makers of Artisan Foods available in R Fields Wine Company stores in Hawaii

Real Artisan Foods that are worth the money you spend on them and make everything taste better….

You will find these great foods in R Fields Wine Company stores throughout Hawaii


award winning bunches and bunches moles in R Field stores in Hawaii

Bunches & Bunches maker Tamalpais Roth McCormick better know as Pai along with her husband Mark are genius chefs based in Portland OR. 

  • “Can’t begin to tell you how good thes 3 sauces are… the layers of flavors come at you in waves… you can taste the love and attention she puts into all 3 of these sauces as each has its own distinct mouthfeel.

  • I use these on everything from eggs, pork, beef, and grilled seafood.  If you like Mexican fare these sauces will definitely kick them up a notch and then some.  A 16 oz.  portion, you will be able to produce a variety of meals out of a single jar.  This is real slow food… all 3 are some of the best tasting sauces I ever put in my mouth!”

…Uncle Jerry


Kozlik's Mustard available in R Fields and Foodland stores in Hawaii

We first got wind of Kozlik’s Moutarde Canaddiene when it made the cover of Saveur Magazine’s Top 100 issue over a decade ago!

  • Kozlik’s Mustard is a total flavor enhancer that we use in vinaigrettes, for braising beef, in dipping sauces for sashimi and lets not forget sandwiches.

  • The last time I received a sample package from Jeremy I was just getting ready to slice up some Ora Salmon.  Next thing I knew I was blending the Amazing Maple with a little Toasted Sesame Oil, Shōyu and lemon zest then used it as a dipping sauce for the sashimi.

  • Very tasty and with the quality of seafood you have access to in Hawaii it is something I highly recommend trying.  I bet some of these mustards would make a fine ingredient in a Poke recipe.

  • You will find these in R. Fields Wine Company and selected Foodland stores throughout Hawaii at the same prices you’d find these in better stores in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Award Winning Nut Butters from Portland available in R. fields Wine Company Stores in Hawaii

Eliot’s Nut Adult Butters… are a giant leap forward in one of the fastest growing categories in the Specialty Food Biz.

  • How do you eat your favorite nut butter?  Forget bread and crackers most of us now eat it out of a jar with a spoon.  I used to think I was alone in this ritual but it turns out that is the phenomenon that shaped demand in the category to grow to over $5 Billion.

  • Michael Kanter is a chef extraordinaire that wanted to get away from the grind of life in restaurants and explore his creative side.   The end result being these incredible rich, flavorful nut butters with the best ingredient list I have found to date.  Mouthfeel and flavor profiles are incredible.

  • You can see and taste the richness of the natural nut oils in each of these delicious butters especially at room temps.  If you like spicy there is something for everyone ranging from mild to wake you up hot.   Even the ones that are a little hot for my taste are delicious 3-4 spoons at a time.

  • You will find these in R. Fields Wine Company and selected Foodland stores throughout Hawaii at the same prices you’d find these in better stores in California and the Pacific Northwest.



Bean to Bar Chocolate is a culinary experience not to be missed.  Yes the bars start off in the $8-$10 range and they are worth every penny. 

  • First of all the Cacao Growers are paid fairly and are in a symbiotic relationship with the Makers.

  • The Cacao is not produced by slave labor as is the case with the vast majority of  industrial chocolate makers.

  • The cacao is extraordinary and rare and increasingly from recently discovered heirloom origins.

  • The Cacao is chosen for its flavor profile and its nuance that generally inspire a Craft Maker.

  • There are wide ranging flavors very much like drinking a great of wine.

  • Pairs well with Port, Amari and Spirits