The Dirty Sue Martini is a success story at retail and it should be in every good grocery store in the land.

Dirty Sue is a great cocktail mixer for a reason.

  • One Eric doesn’t mess with the brine which comes from Andalusia Spain. It’s not the stuff used to pack olives in jars.  It’s what they age olives in prior to packaging.  All he does is filter it twice and touch it with Spring Water till the flavor is olives. It won’t ruin your top shelf gin or vodka, it enhances it!

  • No BS stories about using a one ton press (that’s what they used to use to make Olive Oil) just brine and water and we skip the preservatives and additional salt.

  • It is also great in Bloody Mary’s, in Bloody Maria’s and Margaritas and a variety of other  cocktails you can view on our recipe site. Barmen will also water it down a little more and  put it in a dasher bottle to use sparingly to add salinity to cocktails.

Dirty Sue Cocktail Garnishes

  • Grade A Extra Large Andalusian Olives from Spain’s top DOP.  They have a firm bite and taste noticeably better than all the other olives on the market.

  • The Pimento and Jalapeno Stuffed Olives are very popular.  However, for our clients the #1 garnish is the Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives.  The secret is ET uses real Wisconsin Blue Chees so it has a creamier bite than the concrete bricks the other makers use.

  • The XL Cocktail Onions and the crazy good in a Gibson Cocktail. They and the wicked good Jalapeno Stuffed Onions pair really well in Cocktails where olives and pickled onions make an interesting garnish. The Gen. Patton Martini and Bloody Mary’s & Marias come to mind. 

  • In Florida the Double Stuffed (Garlic & Jalapeno) Olives, which happen to be the most expensive garnish in the line, are #2 in sales behind the Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives so I am making a point to recommend this sku.  Price is not an object with Dirty Sue as consumers come to the brand looking for bigger and better!

  • Dirty sue is #1 On and Off Premise in every market we have placement.

  • The package does all the work for you as the graphics are great and the name is a cute play on words!



The Spice Mix from Dirty Sue is nothing like the Bloody Mary Mixes you see on store shelves.   When combined with spirits and a fresh bottle of tomato juice it creates a flavor profile and mouthfeel like nothing you have ever tried before. It’s light years better than even the best small batch mixes I have tasted over the years… 

I sampled it with Tequila the first time just because because Vodka tends to bore me.  However I went out and bought a handle of Kettle One the next day and it has been really popular entry at my COVID cocktail parties ever since.  

ET is a searcher…  and he’s been fascinated with the way top barman approach their Bloody Mary recipes around the country! A while back he had his Eureka moment with this staple of the cocktail scene and below Craft Spirits will share the story of how he got there! 

This Article was published in Craft Spirits Magazine…

Dirty Sue, created by long-time LA bartender Eric “ET” Tecosky (Jones Hollywood), creator of the bottled premium olive juice category and maker of fine cocktail garnishes, announces the launch of Dirty Sue Bloody Mary Spice Mix.

All natural, gluten free, and vegan Dirty Sue Bloody Mary Spice Mix is now available.  Ask your distributor about this NextGen Mixer Each 16 oz bottle of tomato juice-free Dirty Sue Bloody Mary Spice Mix can yield approximately 21-32 drinks depending on how spicy or flavorful you prefer your Bloody Mary. That’s almost three times more than a traditional 750 ml bottle of tomato juice-based Bloody Mary mix makes.

Dirty Sue Founder Eric ‘ET’ Tecosky has been working on his Bloody Mary Spice Mix for over a decade. The recipe originated during his time as Bar Manager of Jones Hollywood in Los Angeles. Soon after launching Dirty Sue Premium Olive Juice, which he formulated specifically for use in dirty martinis, he decided to put some time into another passion – Bloody Marys. The mix at Jones hadn’t been updated for a while and, inspired, he sensed there was room for improvement. Afterall, how hard could it be? 

He was about to find out.

While on his annual pilgrimage to New Orleans for Jazz Fest, ET started to pay close attention to the city’s Bloody Marys – some of the best around. He noticed how many bars infused their vodka with pickled goodness – olives, onions, green beans, etc. He had enjoyed them for years in ‘vacation mode,’ but now it was time for a little R&D. Back in LA, he started to tinker and taste and was moving solidly in the right direction, but the mix still needed something.

More tinkering and tasting. And for the second time since asking himself why nobody bottled olive juice for dirty martinis, a lightbulb went on. OLIVE JUICE – that was it! He grabbed a bottle. He played around with the ratio until, Eureka! The olive juice that was only supposed to be for dirty martinis became the secret ingredient to the new mix, providing a full, round, delicious umami experience.

Now, rather than ET asking himself, “How come nobody bottles this stuff?” It was his guests at Jones who wondered aloud – and frequently – why he didn’t bottle his Dirty Sue Bloody Mary? The answer wasn’t so simple. First, how to capture the flavor from the infused vodka into a stand-alone spice mix? The answer was many, many trips to the spice store and, yes, many, many tastings. Second, how to make it less perishable than traditional mixes? This was an easier fix: no tomato juice. That could be added per drink! The hard work paid off and, after a decade of on-again, off-again R&D, Dirty Sue Bloody Mary Spice Mix is in the bottle and on shelves.