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Olive Oil is a gift from the gods!  It is a total flavor enhancer to meats, seafood, cheese and especially vegetables. Try a drizzle of real olive oil on vanilla ice cream with a little Maldon Sea Salt, it will make you a believer. 

It’s also natures best transport system through our bodies for the nutrients in the other good foods we consume. E.g. it is healthier for you to sauté broccoli in Olive Oil than steaming it.  Polyphenols are water soluble and get washed down the drain in the process of steaming.   

In addition Oleocanthal, which is a the most effective anti-inflammatory know to man, makes up 1/3 of the abundant polyphenol content in better oils.  The bitter taste on the back of your palate when you sample EVOO is Oleocanthal.  It turns on our body’s ability to fight oxidative stress which causes degenerative diseases like cancer. 

Most of your customers don’t know this and It’s a good idea to keep your loyal customers healthy as long as possible. You can’t do this with Canola Oil because it is packed with Omega 6 oils which is highly processed and basically poison to humans.

Giuliana Direct makes it incredibly easy to offer a world class selection of olive oils to your clients…  For Specialty Shops and Small Chains it is the perfect source to develop a trade in better olive oils.

  • Steve Lewis is prominent importer of wine based out of Boulder, CO.  He started importing Olive Oils from some of his Tuscan Wine Makers back in the late 90’s. Eleni and I started buying olive oil from him in 2005 after meeting him at one of his wine events.  A few years later he sent me an email saying he had brought in a few more producers and that I should look at the PDF he had attached.  Well lord almighty he had added 8 new makers and 20 skus that I had been reading about in the Flos Olei Guide that all scored 96-98 points.  Well we have been introducing clients to this book ever since.

  • Giuliana Direct makes it real easy to work with them… all the prices include freight anywhere in the 48 contiguous states and you can assort 12 pack cases anyway you like.  I will probably say this a couple of times this is the easiest way specialty shops and small grocery chains to cultivate a trade in better olive oils. 

  • They also have a lot of BARGAINS…  In terms of all round use in the kitchen De Carlo Il Classico is our go to EVOO in the house.  The 750 & 1000 ml. portions would be in the $15 – $18 range on the shelf  in a 500 ml. bottle… It even comes in a 5 Liter bag in box that is an even sweeter deal… 

  • Bonamini (year after year the worlds best light fruit EVOO in the Flos Olei Guide) along with Egregio and Virgen from Oleoestepa are lovely in the mid $20 range and are as good as many oils in the $30-$40 range. 

  • It is much the same with the finishing oils I am showing of in the image below.  All of them are delicious with nuances that distinguish them.  The Torre Di Mossa is the biggest of the bunch and singular in its intensity. At $26 it is a steal as it and the Felice Garibaldi from De Carlo taste as good as many olive oils in the $35 – $45 range.

  • The La Cultivada Hojiblanca is with out a doubt the most popular oil at tasting events I have orchestrated.  It has this beautiful mouthfeel and an apple and almond finish. People taste it and fork over $30+ with out batting an eye.  

  • The pricing in the images are my suggested shelf pricing at 40% Gross Margin. 

  • Also in the pandemic Olive Oils from our book have been very popular.

Frantoio di Riva has always been one of our favorite makers however the package was a little ho hum.  The new package is a eye catcher and sales have been brisk.  These are delicate to light oils that are very pretty.  All 3 retail at around $35 at 40%.  We are out of the Blue Bottle at the moment.  

2021 being the crazy year it has been our usual transition into the 2020 harvest was a little behind schedule.  However we now have a pretty good stock.  The last 15 months consumers have definitely elevated their olive oil purchases.

 With any luck this will be reviewed and set back to normal with our trading partners early on in his administration.  At any rate our restock will be in full swing in January and February the catalog will give you an idea of the breadth of the offering.

From esteemed Soave producer Graziano Pra, for the first time ever we’ve received a small amount of their Organically produced EVOO here in Colorado. Rich in body, fruit forward, and remarkably elegant, this finishing oil still finishes with a subtle polyphenol punch. Notes of ripe banana, mango, and artichoke dominate the palate making this amazingly versatile with spring vegetables or topping poultry or fish.

The  image below is my 2021 all star list…  Starting off with 4 – 6 of the above Estate Bottles doesn’t take up much space and gives you a range of makers offering flavor profiles from delicate and light through to intense finishing oils.  The price points could easily be $7 – $15 more for comparable quality and portions. 

Today consumers are eating and drinking better at home than ever before…  Best of all they have discovered they like it.  Better Olive Oils are part of that revolution.

The 5 Liter Bag in Box is the single greatest value in world of Olive Oils especially when it comes from a a superstar producer like De Carlo from Puglia in Southeastern Italy where the family has been producing Olive Oil since 1599. 

We run a little COOP here in what we refer to as Westworld or the Gateway to Canyon Lands in Western Colorado and it has been a popular item for 3 years now.  At $90-$100 (28-35% GM) on the shelf it is the equivalent of less than $10 per half liter.  

In addition it is coming up online as and option more frequently than ever before.  So whether you have a commercial kitchen or a retail establishment De Carlo’s 5 Liter Bag in Box is definitely something to consider.